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Andy Lau plays an Eastern thief in his latest action movie

Mission Impossible fans, you’re going to want to see this film! From a noble hero in Shock Wave to a scheming Eastern thief in Europe, Andy Lau is back on the big screen in his newest thrilling action movie The Adventurers. You definitely won’t want to miss this film that’s as good as any Hollywood action movie out there!

 Action movie

The Adventurers tells the story of Dan, an infamous jewellery thief who takes on the most dangerous jobs. In one of his heists, Dan is captured by the police and is imprisoned for his crimes. Three years after, he’s back on the scene and asks his partner-in-crime Chen to help him steal jewels in Europe. Chen brings his new recruit Ye, a stunningly beautiful girl with a knack for stealing. They are followed closely by French detective Pierre played by world-renowned actor Jean Reno.


Together, the group successfully steals two precious jewels during the Cannes Film Festival. Dan then decides that he wants to retire after the mission. He’s given one last priceless jewel to steal before he goes: the Rope of Life which was owned by a billionaire man in Prague.  Will Dan and his team succeed?


Find out when you catch this exciting action movie in cinema!


Imagine superstars Andy Lau, Shu Qi, and veteran French actor Jean Reno all in one movie! If that doesn’t excite you, maybe the car chases in the splendid lands of Europe will. The Adventurers had Hollywood-grade inspired action and cost an estimated USD 21 million in production.


A professional French team was even hired to assist in shooting the heart-pounding car chase scenes. So you can expect to sit back, be amazed, and not-at-all be relaxed with all the heart-pumping action going on in this adventure movie!


Promoting this movie was the official comeback of Andy Lau after he got injured onset while filming a commercial. Also, the film is directed by Stephen Fung who got married to Shu Qi, starring as Ye in the movie, on September 3, 2016 while filming in Europe. Talk about romantic!


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