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Can you save a life in an hour & 50 minutes? Find it out in new action movie: Reset!

There is a quote that goes “The love of a mother is the most powerful force in the world”. So you can only imagine the lengths a mother would take if her child were in danger. Xia Tian is a devoted quantum mechanics researcher whose son is suddenly kidnapped and killed in front of her eyes. What would it take to get him back? Find out in this new Jackie Chan-produced sci-fi action movie!


Reset | Action Movies | GSC Movies

Reset | Action Movies | GSC Movies


Xia Tian is a single mother and is passionate about her job at Nexus Institute where there was a recent discovery of parallel universes. In an experiment, Xia Tian’s team successfully sends a chimpanzee back in time by 110 minutes. Although, the catch was that the chimpanzee became more violent.


In the movie trailer, Xia Tian video calls her son Doudou to ask him how he is but to her horror, the video call screen suddenly goes black. The last sound she hears is Doudou screaming out a helpless “Mommy!”. A man named Tsui Hu has taken Doudou and kills him in front of Xia Tian, taunting her to hand over her whole life’s work and go back in time to test the experimental time machine herself.


She then decides to team up with three other deadly versions of herself from different timelines to rescue Doudou and stop Tsui Hu’s evil plan. The thing is, they’ve only got an hour and 50 minutes to do it. Will Xia be able to rescue Doudou and still be herself? You better not miss this sci-fi movie in cinemas!



Reset is an award-winning action movie produced by action star Jackie Chan. This new movie won Best Film and Best Actress in the 50th World-Fest Houston International Film Festival. It stars Yang Mi as Xia Tian Wallace Huo as Tsui Hu, and Hummer Zhang as Doudou.


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