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About Us | Malaysia’s leading movies distributor

GSC Movies Sdn Bhd (140612-D) is Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor with the largest variety in movie entertainment. GSC Movies is a fully integrated movie entertainment company and a key player in the acquisition, distribution, licensing and marketing of movies in various languages.

The main movies distribution network in Malaysia is operated by GSC Movies.

In over two decades, GSC Movies has developed a reputation as the main movies distributor for bringing quality entertainment to Malaysian audience and boast a list of box-office successes including Asian action blockbusters like CZ12, Ip Man 1 & 2 and From Vegas to Macau, Hollywood hits like I, Frankenstein, Divergent and Now You See Me, as well as home-grown productions like Ombak Rindu, Lagenda Budak Setan trilogy and The Wedding Diary 1 & 2.


About Us