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5 Crazy Things You Should Do With Your BFF!

There is nothing worse than a lame and boring week with no one to talk to and nothing to tick off your list, don’t you agree? Good thing everyone has that “someone” who is only one call away to make things so much fun and exciting – YOUR BEST FRIEND!

So instead slacking off and morphing into a couch potato these upcoming days, why don’t you ring your BFF up and invite him/her to have an adventure of a lifetime! Below, we have listed crazy and thrilling ideas you should try (at least once) with your ultimate BFF. Read at your own risk!

#1 Follow your crush around and confess

The Spy Who Dumped Me | Action movie | GSC Movies

Photo source: www.variety.com

Have a crush on someone but don’t have the guts to tell it? Tag your BFF along and plan on how you can finally reveal your feelings and win your crush over. Why not visit their social media profile and see if they’re out and about, follow them around, and confess there and then!

#2 Wear matching t-shirts and get matching tattoos

The Spy Who Dumped Me | Action movie | GSC Movies

Photo source: www.ew.com

Who says matching things are only for couples? Tell the whole world you love your BFF by wearing matching shirts! Or better yet, get a matching tattoo whether it’s real, washable, or henna. Take your pick!

#3 Go bungee jumping or sky diving

The Spy Who Dumped Me | Action movie | GSC Movies

Photo source: www.indiewire.com

There is no one who can give the best pep talk and that needed boost of confidence like your BFF! So if you’re planning to tick the most out-there activity like bungee jumping or sky diving off your bucket list, having your best friend by your side should do the trick! Scream your lungs out while you two have the ride of your life!

#4 Plan an unplanned road trip


Photo source: www.iran-livetv.com

Planning with your best friend? Sounds like throwing dart pins over a map! Go on a road trip without a destination or with a random place in mind and make a day out wherever you end up.

#5 Turn into a semi-professional spies


Photo source: www.mag360.com.br

Learn some moves and be the girls who can kick ass in your favorite Hollywood movie or action movie!

For inspiration, takes cues from Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon and add the latest movie release, The Spy Who Dumped Me to your ultimate BFF movie list! Witness as the duo turn from BFFs to semi-professional spies in this new comedy action movie directed by Susanna Fogel.

The Spy Who Dumped Me movie is now showing in cinemas!

The Spy Who Dumped Me | Action movie | GSC Movies


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